The Art of Sustainably Clearing Your Land

Buying land can be an excellent investment, and this is even truer if you plan to harvest and sell the timber that’s growing on it. However, have you ever thought about harvesting this timber sustainably? For land developers, this isn’t always a priority. However, clearing your land sustainably can have benefits for you, as well as the land you’re selling. In this article, we’ll teach you all about it.

The Long-Term Investment

Any experienced land investor knows that buying land is sometimes a long-term investment. Wooded land is uniquely suited to this purpose because the trees on the property will continue to grow as time goes by. If you buy the land intending to sell the wood on it, for example, you can wait until wood prices are high to process and sell the lumber. Since the lumber will be growing every year that you hold the land, the amount of lumber you possess will grow along with the price.

However, keep in mind that it’s not recommended to clear all of the trees on your land at once. If you’re concerned about clearing your land sustainably, consider trying “sustainable forestry” instead. With sustainable deforestation, the logger or owner takes only specific trees from the area, leaving the rest to re-seed new trees and keep growing. If you choose sustainable forestry instead of clear-cutting, you can take a few trees from the land every so often while still preserving the ecosystem and natural beauty of the area that you’ve bought.


In most markets, having trees on the property does increase its desirability. How important it depends on the location and the function of the property, of course. For a piece of land in a suburban setting, a wooded backyard is very desirable, as long as there’s also enough space cleared to build a house on the lot. For large parcels of land in a rural setting, much of the property never ends up being cleared anyway, and it’s usually left in its pristine, natural condition. For farmland, however, most of the trees eventually end up being cut down to clear space for crops.

Of course, since clearing away all of the trees on a plot of land removes the ecosystem that existed there, cutting down all the trees to create farmland is the least sustainable option available. However, if you’re able to keep at least some of the existing forest intact, the property will usually be more marketable, and besides, there will be less lawn to mow while you own it, too!

By Karoline Gore

Photo by Kaboompics.com from Pexels

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