Preparing Your Land Property’s Plumbing System

The national land market is strong with residential land sales increasing by 5% followed by commercial land sales at 4%. In addition to low entry prices and long-term appreciation, you have the maximum flexibility to build your dream house if you buy a vacant lot. One of the challenges of constructing a new home on your land property is the connection of utilities. Plumbing systems, for example, are challenges that you need to face and tackle.  

Build Your Own Plumbing and Water Supply

In addition to siting and leveling the place, you are also responsible for ensuring that you are connected to the city or county’s utility system. However, if there is no existing network to hook up to or if the costs are too prohibitive, you might want to find an alternative source of water and type of sewer system for your new abode.

Digging your own well is a solution. But, you must ensure that the water from the ground is safe for use. The most common concerns of ground water quality are too much hardness (dissolved magnesium or calcium), high salt or iron content, or existence of hydrogen sulphide. There are several ways to improve water quality by using a filtration system, reverse osmosis or chemical treatments, among other solutions. 

For your sewer system, you need to allocate a dedicated space for a septic system which also needs to be evacuated when it is full. Moreover, you must check that there is sufficient distance between the well and your sewer system.

Connecting to the Grid

The easiest solution would be to join an existing system. If your land property is near the city or a major road, you only need to apply for a permit and pay the fee to connect your water and sewage system. Note that administrative work takes time so you might want to do this in advance especially if connecting pipes are going to be hindrances for your neighbor. 

Plus, you must work with qualified plumbers to do the job. Usually, sewer pipes must be installed before pouring in the concrete foundation. After the framing is complete and before hanging the dry wall, you’ll be ready for the rough in plumbing phase and the wiring & duct installation. Large fixtures such as tubs and showers are connected only after the wiring and framing have been completed. 

Purchasing a land property is an exciting time for a potential home builder. It allows you to create a home that suits your tastes, needs, and budget. With advance planning and foresight, you’ll be enjoying your new home’s plumbing system sooner than you imagined.

By Karoline Gore

Photo credit: Digital Buggu | Pexels

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