“Amazing experience and plan to purchase more land in the near future.”

Vanessa B., New York – 7/19/18


“I worked with Renee to buy two parcels of land from one of her clients in Pittsburgh, PA and despite all of the complexities with doing such a transaction, Renee conducted herself with the utmost professionalism.  Keep in mind Pennsylvania is an old state with antiquated laws, especially when it comes to land transactions (there are only about a dozen land sales a year in the city of Pittsburgh, for instance, despite the quantity and desirability of the area). Nonetheless, I am now the proud owner of 125,000 square feet of buildable land in the heart of America’s Most Livable City!  Thank you Grounded Properties and thank you Renee!”

Shoham Z., Crafton, PA – 7/18/17


“I am very satisfied and grateful to Mrs. Renee.  Doing business with her was a very pleasant experience from start to finish; everything was in a very easy, flexible way.  I recently bought my property at Ivanhoe, TX, as I said she helped me with the price, the down payment, and payments in a way that I could feel comfortable.  Well, I invite you to do business with Grounded Properties, LLC without any fear.  It is a reliable company, that besides has properties all over the United States.  Thank you.”

Gilberto Z., Pearland, TX – 7/11/17


“LandRushNow real estate company is a wonderful company which exceeded all of my expectations.  As it was a first time land investment for me LandRushNow made it very easy to purchase this land and also helped me in closing the property by getting a title company to complete the process exemplarily and incredibly fast.

I truly believe in their expertise and I highly recommend LandRushNow to everybody who is interested in purchasing land.  Believe me, as a Civil Engineer I know how valuable this property is going to be after I develop it eventually.

A true caption from within my heart to LandRushNow is GoldRushNow, grab it now to achieve something, or leave it for nothing”

Shuaib Salam, Plano, TX – 4/21/17


“I want to express my absolute satisfaction with the purchase of a parcel in north Florida with the help of Ms. Renee Riker of Land Rush Now.  The deal, the land, and my interaction with this agency all have exceeded my expectations.  Ms. Riker herself was extremely helpful and professional.  I am recommending.”

George Szejner, Pennsylvania – 12/23/14


“Renee made me feel so comfortable during this transaction that I didn’t even realize till halfway through how weird it was to purchase land without even meeting a real person.  Every time I contacted her she took care of my concerns or found out the right answers and contacted me back immediately.  The law firm RTT was just as professional and prompt.  It’s very rare to speak directly to an attorney every time you call and have questions but that’s exactly what happened when I called Joe Thompson.  There were a few out of the ordinary issues during this purchase but everyone was patient and deliberate at getting them resolved.  I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.  Thanks Renee.”

Kyle Toporek, Florida – 10/23/14


“My experience with LandRushNow.com was highly professional and efficient. LandRushNow.com is an easy and economical way to purchase property.  At first I was skeptical about buying land online but would do it again.  I found 5 acres of land in Joshua Tree with mountain views.  We were encouraged to see the property and then we were set up with very experienced real estate and title professionals.  A very positive experience!”

Jane Finstrom, Los Angeles, CA – 8/30/14


“As a commercial real estate lawyer, I generally dread having to handle residential transactions; especially my own.  However, my experience with Renee was truly unique in that her professionalism and experience made me feel as though my transaction was of the size of deals that I am used to handling for others.  Renee was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to refer friends and colleagues to her.”

Andrew Sackheim, Jenner, CA – 6/30/13


“I contacted Renee at LandRushNow.com and told her what I needed and she was able to get me the land that I wanted.  She stayed in touch with me and always told me what was going on, and thanks to her, I have my dream of being a land owner.  I will always do business with LandRushNow.com.”

Karen Copperthite, Benton, IL – 2/17/11


“Renee from Grounded Properties created a win/win situation which afforded me the fantastic opportunity to own a large piece of land in beautiful Joshua Tree at a price I could easily afford.  Renee is fair, honest and delightful, which I found refreshingly rare in real estate transactions.  The escrow was a breeze and I look forward to the opportunity in working with Grounded Properties in the future.”

Ann Vicek, One Happy Camper – 12/31/10


“Throughout my contact with Renee, she has always showed complete professionalism. Her company offers a unique and quality service for anyone wanting to buy or sell land.”

Caroline Hamza, Indiana


“Renee has been both a client and a great resource to Del Toro for 3 years.  I recommend using her as a valuable tool / resource in your real estate endeavors.”

Drew L., National City, CA


Image Credit: Flickr/ cwwycoff1

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