Buy Land, Grow Vegetables & Get Healthier

Buy land, grow vegetables

America has slipped into second place in the list of countries most able to feed their people, according to the Global Food Security Index. While this ranking is still high, it shows the impact that multiple weather disasters, a growing population, and an unstable government has had on the U.S. Thankfully, by purchasing your own land for the purpose of growing your own vegetables, you can start to become self-sufficient and benefit from better food and health, too.

How much land do you need?

To be fully self-sufficient, it’s estimated that you’ll require two acres of land. However, this covers all food production for a family, as well as the necessary space for solar energy generation. For individuals just wanting to grow their own vegetables, less than one acre of land will suffice. The Urban Homestead project has proven that a family of four can produce almost all the food they require, in addition to $60,000 per year, with just one-fifth of an acre of land. So a vegetable lot will easily fit on a piece of land the same size.

Getting the most out of your land

Most people who grow their own food start off with a variety of easy-to-grow vegetables. Some of the simplest vegetables to grow include potatoes, as they can be grown on all types of soil, other than saline and alkaline. Other easy-to-grow vegetables include peas, runner beans, onions, and tomatoes. This produce can then be used to feed families well, providing children with the best start in life. Feeding a weaning child a wholesome combination of fresh blended vegetables will ensure a nutrient-rich, organic diet, and a healthy, thriving youngster.

Benefits of growing your own food

Store-bought vegetables are treated with pesticides to combat pests. However, these poisons are toxic and have been linked to health conditions, including respiratory tract irritation, ADHD, and Parkinson’s Disease. But the good news is that by growing your own fresh produce on your own land, you can avoid these toxins altogether. Additionally, you’ll also benefit from more nutrients in your diet, as you can pick produce from your land and consume it as and when you need it. So there’s no need to eat unfresh and low-nutrient vegetables ever again.

Buying land for the purpose of growing your own vegetables is a smart move. No matter how big your piece of land is, you can grow a variety of fresh produce easily and enjoy the benefits of organic vegetables at your fingertips.

By Karoline Gore

Photo credit: Pixabay.com | Pexels

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