5 Tips for Setting Up a RV at Your Land Property or Campsite

Set Up a RV at Campsite 1

When most people think of RV trips, they think of travelling on the open road, enjoying family time in nature, and creating lifelong memories with the people they are with. What most people don’t think of, however, are the ins and outs of actually setting up a good RV campsite. Fortunately, the list below will help you do exactly that at your land property or camping location.


1. Find a Safe Place to Park


This is the most important thing on the list, and that is why it comes first. RVs are the equivalent of a moveable house, and they weigh almost as much as a house as well.


Mark Koep, founder of CampgroundViews.com, says gravel is the key to a great RV parking spot. “Ensure there is enough base gravel and sand material to support the full weight of your rig and that the area will easily clear of water.”


If you want to be extra safe, you may want to try to find a campground that has either gravel or asphalt laid out in an area specifically meant for parking RVs. On a land property with only soil, it may be best to find the areas with hardest or most dense soil.


2. Make Sure You Have Your Toolbox


Just like any living area, there are things that you need to make sure you have on hand in your RV, just in case you should need them. Things break down and problems occur, so being prepared is extremely important.


Annie Libby of La Mesa RV suggests the following items for your toolbox: screwdrivers (Philips and flathead), pliers, wrenches, leather gloves, Swiss army knife, bungee cords, super glue, duct tape, electrical tape, extra gas and a gas can, flares, a flashlight, lighters or strike anywhere matches, a small axe, a shovel, extra engine oil, and WD-40. You might also want to consider a spare tire, if you don’t already have one.


Set Up a RV at Campsite 2


3. Ensure Proper Water and Electric Hookups are Available


Every property and campsite is different when it comes to utilities.


Running water and a sewer hookup is extremely important for RV owners taking extending stays at a retreat. Look for a clean source of pressurized water which can provide at least 60 psi of pressure. Any less and you run the risk of problems down the line. A sewer hookup is self-explanatory, but it is also something which can easily be forgotten if you are not thinking about it when setting up your site.


Electric comes right after water, and it should. Having a good amount of electricity is essential to keeping your RV running properly and to make sure you still have access to the variety of amenities you have available to you. While having electricity is not as important, in most cases, as having running water, it can still make a large difference in your short-term quality of life. Generally, your electrical hookups will need to provide at least 30 Amps of electricity, with 50 Amps being necessary for some RV models.



4. Plan Your Access


Access is another very important thing to keep in mind when setting up your RV. There is no worse feeling than driving your RV to a beautiful spot to park and then finding that you are unable to get back out. Having plenty of access to your parking spot and back out to the main road is very important. Don’t risk parking anywhere that has very narrow roads or steep drop-offs that could prove to be a problem after you have parked.


5. Take Advantage of Nature


This is the most important step on the list! Most RV owners are travelling and utilizing one because they enjoy being in and around nature Take advantage of the natural beauty of your land property or campsite on your vacation retreat.


When asked about her ideal camping checklist, Amy Burket, founder of GoPetFriendly.com, said that she needs a “great view, a quiet, private spot with plenty of space to stretch out, and perfect weather”. She has the right idea. The best RV trips usually consist of long periods of solitude in nature, allowing the sun to shine on you and allowing you to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the landscapes that you find yourself in.


The next time you fire up the RV to take a road trip, consider this brief list and make sure you meet the majority of these requirements.


Have any other tips to add? Let us know in the comments below or on our social channels.





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Photo Credit: slworkling2 | Flickr, Alex Demyan | Wikimedia Commons

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