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Land and Real Estate Resources

Land and Real Estate Resources

General Information

The Land Blog – our #1 resource for a land related stories and information

Deed Explanations (Helpful descriptions of the various types of deeds)

Is Your Property in a Flood Zone? – learn how to identify if a property is located in a flood zone – helpful information on real estate deeds


Modoc, CA County Information

California Pines Building Resources, Requirements & Contacts (Utilities, Contractors, Wells, Septic, Permits, etc)


San Bernardino, CA County Information

San Bernandino County Assessor (They assess the value of the property from which property taxes are determined)

Building & Safety Division (They can tell you about property size, zoning, set back requirements, and general use)

San Bernandino County Treasurer/Tax Collector (They collect property tax payments)

Land Use Services (They can tell you about land use planning, road access, flood zones, etc.)

Land Use Services Zoning Look Up (by parcel number)

San Bernardino County Overview (Population, city information, etc.)

County/Community Profile Info (Browse information about cities, counties, towns, etc.)


Joshua Tree, CA Area Information

Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree, CA Local Attractions

Joshua Basin Water District (provides service to portions of Joshua Tree)

Hi Desert Water District (provides service to Yucca Valley and portions of Joshua Tree)


Yucca Valley, CA Area Information

Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce

Town of Yucca Valley

Hi Desert Water District (provides service to Yucca Valley and portions of Joshua Tree)


Property Research Tools

Public Records Online Directory (Portal to official state websites, ie tax collectors, assessors, recorders, etc.) (Portal to county government offices across the U.S., ie tax assessors, tax collectors, building departments, recorder of deeds, chamber of commerce and much more)

Township-Range-Section Data (Graphical locator for a valid legal description within 17 western states)

Google Maps (Type in an address or longitude & latitude separated by a comma and zoom to property location) (Comparable real estate value estimator)



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